Fall Advice and Recommendations

Fall Advice from Douglas Mechanical Services

Douglas Mechanical Services would like to share these money saving tips with you for utilizing your central air system optimally during the fall months.

Have your Heating System Inspected each Year

Scheduling an annual service before the heating season begins will ensure that your system is running at maximum efficiency. Studies have shown that you can save up to $30 a month just by having your heating system inspected annually. Neglect of your heating system can also lead to system failure or expensive repairs. Give Douglas Mechanical Services a call to schedule your annual maintenance today!

Keep your Air Filter Clean

The simplest step to maintaining an efficient heating system is to keep your air filter clean. Because the location and type of filter can vary from system to system, have a Douglas Mechanical Services technician show you where your filter is located and how to replace it. You can also get an air filter specially designed to help prevent allergies if you suffer from them.

Avoid Excessively Using Exhaust Fans

Using the exhaust fan in your kitchen or bathroom too much will cause your system to work harder. Using exhaust fans wisely, especially in the cooler months, can help you lower your heating costs.

Keep Vents and Grilles Unobstructed

Make sure you arrange your furniture and drapes so that of the grilles and vents in your home are clear. Your heating system needs a free flow of air to run most economically. You can have a Douglas Mechanical Services technician show you where all of your vents and grilles are if you are uncertain.


Warm air leaking out of your home in the fall can put a major drain on your heating budget. Caulking, sealing, or weather striping any cracks, seams, or openings to the outside is a quick and easy way to help keep the warm air in. Check your home before the winter comes to avoid wasting your heat.